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Photo of Dylan Stolowitz from Green Mountain Minerals Website        Photo of Nicholas Stolowitz from Green Mountain Minerals WebsitePhoto of Nicholas Stolowitz from Green Mountain Minerals Website

Green Mountain Minerals is founded on a deep love of nature and a sense of discovery. Our interest in gems and minerals comes from our family, who instilled in us an appreciation for all things natural at a young age.

When we turned 5, our uncle Gregg gave us each a crystal; Nick received a quartz point and Dylan a small cluster of amethyst. We were both captivated and spent many evenings studying our crystals, which proved to be the spark to our latent but growing love for gems.

In the sixth grade, we were out on one of our many “scavenger hunts” in the local woods and came upon an old foundation, which upon close inspection revealed boulders lined with crystals: green, black, lustrous and botroidal. We had made a major discovery!!! We brought a large piece in to school the following day. We had placed this boulder on a towel and the two of us proceeded to drag it into our science teacher’s classroom: no small feat for the two of us who probably had a combined weight of 120 lbs! Our science teacher was full of questions, since he was an avid rock hound and had never heard or seen of these types of crystals from Westchester County.  After much discussion, it was decided that he would come over the following day to inspect. With shovel and pick axe in hand, we led him through the woods to our “mine”…. he explained that these pieces had come from the Franklin and Sterling Hill mining district in New Jersey and were not native to the area.

We, however, were far from disappointed…we were thrilled!  Our love affair with minerals continued and years later, after our first visit to the Tucson Gem and Mineral show, Green Mountain Minerals was born.

Here at Green Mountain Minerals we focus on obtaining and providing for our customers the finest specimens we can source.  This was and always will be, the foundation of GMM’s principles.  We travel year-round to maintain contacts in order to get the best mineral specimens available.  Between us we have traveled to Africa, China and Brasil, as well as all over the U.S. and Europe. We continue to create contacts and relationships to foster our ability to procure the finest specimens for  collections, both private and public.

We provide the following services to our clients;

  • Evaluating individual collections
  • Curating collections for individuals and museums
  • Collaborating directly with mines to ensure best and most ethical practices for extraction of the finest specimens
  • Inspecting individual pieces to determine process of cleaning and mounting best suited to each mineral
  • Buying collections and/or single specimens.

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