About our Company

Photo of Dylan Stolowitz from Green Mountain Minerals Website        Photo of Nicholas Stolowitz from Green Mountain Minerals WebsitePhoto of Nicholas Stolowitz from Green Mountain Minerals Website

Green Mountain Minerals is one of the world’s premier dealers in museum-quality mineral specimens. We founded GMM in 1999 when we started buying and selling smaller, gem- quality specimens of raw, uncut minerals while we participated in mineral shows all across the United States. Since then, our dedication to sourcing and presenting the finest crystals has made our business into a full-service dealer for the high end mineral collector. In our dedication to exploring Earth’s purest art form, we have forged close ties to mineral connoisseurs and collectors worldwide for whom we handle, curate, and develop museum- class private and public collections. To offer our clients extraordinary presentation experiences, we have established close ties with museum-class specimen-preparation laboratories, custom display mount craftsmen, and professional mineral photographers. An indispensable liaison between mines, collectors, and museums worldwide, we provide all services related to the procurement, evaluation, documentation, preservation, selling, and curating of exceptional rare mineral specimens and collections. We travel year-round to locations in Africa, China, and Brazil as well as all over the United States and Europe. We maintain a wide range of international contacts in order to procure the finest specimens for collections, both private and public.


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