Tourmaline var. Liddicoatite

Tourmaline var. Liddicoatite

Liddicoatite tourmalines are at the calcium-rich end of a solid-solution series with the elbaites, which are the sodium-rich equivalent. They form in areas where the host lithium-rich pegmatites were inlected into carbonate (marble) host rocks, which provide a source of calcium, a condition met in a some of the Madagascar pegmatites. This particular small-but-perfectly-formed example is quite an icon, as it graces the back cover of the “World of Tourmaline” book published in 2015 to record the collection of Gerhard Wagner. It is a rich, deep cranberry red colour, and features two crystals grown at right-angles, from which it derives its nickname: “The Hat”.

Tamponilapa, Sahatany Valley, Vakinankaratra Region, Antananarivo Province, Madagascar

Dimensions 4 × 3.2 × 2.4 cm
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