Green Mountain Minerals is delighted to announce that we have reached agreement with noted Texas mineral collector Mark Pospisil to purchase his collection of fine minerals, which are now available for purchase.

The Collector

Mark’s passion for minerals began to be nurtured when at the age of twelve he visited the Natural History Museum in his native New York and was intrigued by dinosaurs and fluorescent minerals. It was cemented in the mid nineteen-seventies during his time as a geology student at the Arizona State University, when he met other serious mineral collectors, and began to develop the relationships that would define his collecting for the next forty years. The first of his mineral suites was built in large part by purchasing US Midwest specimens in rockshops as he commuted between Arizona and New York, since when his collection evolved and morphed a number of times, but always with an eye to quality and developing friendships and shared passions with others in the mineral world, from the mid-West to China and back. In addition to being a collector, he has served the mineral community as Adjunct Curator of Minerals at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in his home city of Dallas, where he played an important part in building the stunning collection of minerals based on the unique model of displaying only fine mineral specimens loaned by collectors. It is a testament to Mark’s mineral knowledge, networking skills and integrity as a collector and scientist that the collection has thrived under this model. In recognition of his work for the Perot, he was awarded the museum’s Gems and Minerals Legacy award in 2018.

The Collection

Mark’s collection evolved in many ways over the years, with suites based on locality, species, country of origin or fluorescence, growing at times to as many as 1000 fine mineral specimens and 900 fluorescents. It currently stands at over 400 pieces, with an emphasis on a worldwide suite of aesthetic large-cabinet minerals comprising both individual masterpieces and small choice suites of species from some of the most noted finds of the past thirty years. In addition to a very varied US collection with suites from the Northeast, mid-West and Southwest, the collection is particularly strong in minerals from China, Mexico and Brazil. The Chinese suite is particularly impressive, as Mark developed relationships with both US and Chinese dealers from very early in the period when fine minerals began to emerge from China, and he was often able to purchase magnificent material before it hit the “general” market. Mineralogically, the pegmatite suite is also worthy of mention, as it is very strong in superb assemblages from some of the most famous mines in Brazil in particular. The Midwest suite reflects a rich heritage of US mineral dealing and collecting, and benefited again from Mark’s passion for personal relationships in addition to minerals, with many of the pieces coming from noted Midwest collector/dealers Willard Elsing and Norma Skala.