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Azurite with Cuprite & Malachite

This piece was originally part of the collection of Phelps-Dodge, who owned the mine when it was mined in the late 19th Century.  The upper two-thirds of the piece comprises a rich covering of royal blue azurite "rosettes" of bladed azurite crystals up to 5mm in size. These grew on a matrix of silky-textured botryoids of primary malachite which was then overgrown by iron oxide, visible both as a limonite matrix and as a black botryoidal crust intergrown over the bottom third of the piece with mm-scale octahedral cuprite crystals with a green coating of secondary malachite. The back of the piece is dominated by this assemblage.

Azurite with Cuprite & Malachite

Copper Queen Mine, Bisbee, Warren District, Cochise County, Arizona, USA

25 cm

Inventory: 02218

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