Apophyllite with Stilbite

Apophyllite with Stilbite

Many tons of apophyllite and stilbite specimens have been extracted from the Deccan Trap basalts, but you could search diligently for a long time to find a cabinet specimen with the outstanding aesthetics of this piece. The base is defined by a field of pale pink, bladed stilbite crystals. A some point, the chemistry of the vug allowed for the development of apophyllite, and a group of mint-green, perfectly-transparent crystals developed with their axes largely at right-angles to the growth direction of the stilbite. Close examination shows that they nucleated on a developing “stalagmite” of stilbite, which continued developing up the rear of the piece, terminating above the apophyllite as a sub-spherical rosette. The end result is a study in form, and the contrast of colour, lustre, texture and crystal form.

Jalgaon District, Maharashtra State, India

Dimensions 9.5 × 7 × 6.5 cm
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